Lucas (Robert) Hendrikse

Born in 1962 into a loving family, I had a carefree childhood during which I engaged in competitive sports at a high level.


After completing my secondary education (VWO), I earned a degree in Business Economics from The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Professional journey

During my first 2.5 years at Gist-brocades, I developed my skills in financial roles, laying a solid foundation for quickly grasping “the numbers”.

Following my transition to the Antibiotics Division, I grew into the “business” side of things. This allowed me to grow in various roles and discover that this was where my future would lay.

It didn’t take long for the world to become my workspace, and I found that I could navigate my way in different cultures (from China to Mexico to India to the USA and more). This certainly helped me during my expat period (Switzerland and China, 2007-2010).

When I started providing more direct leadership after moving to the Food Ingredients Division, it became clear that leading teams was a strength. I understood the importance of giving team members their own responsibilities and space and so collectively reach the right decisions. As a leader, you bear the ultimate responsibility, but a significant portion of the knowledge resides within the team members. I also facilitated the development of employees and young talents (a.o. as a member of the DSM Next Board).

I applied a meticulous strategy process within DSM (the Business Strategic Dialogue) multiple times to conduct a thorough analysis of the state of the business and any necessary adjustments within an organization in a relatively short time. I further refined this process as a member of the Nutrition Division Board, responsible for strategy.

As the President of the Antibiotics Division, I also applied this approach, serving as a member of the Corporate Leadership Team, in creating a 50/50 joint venture with the Chinese company Sinochem.

Even after my transition from DSM to a scale-up, I led the company through a necessary strategy revision, making clear choices linked to a well-defined implementation plan.

Helicopter view
In my non-executive role as a member of the van Eeghen Supervisory Board since 2013, I applied my knowledge and experience in this non-operational role. Although not directly involved in daily operations, it allowed me to steer from a strategic perspective closely aligned with the management.

A strategy is nothing without implementation, a recurring theme throughout my career. My move to a small-scale start-up in 2007 placed even greater emphasis on implementing strategic decisions.

Personal life

I reside in a very nice part of The Hague within walking distance of the beach. With love and interest, I follow my daughter’s development into a young woman (born in 2005). I take pride in Stichting Lotje, which I co-founded with Else Kodde in 2011. Focusing on children in disadvantaged neighborhoods in The Hague, the foundation has grown significantly and reaches thousands of children each year. Additionally, I serve on the Board of the Hague Football and Cricket Club Quick.