Strategy AND Implementation

Lucas (Robert) Hendrikse

After a 27-year career in the corporate world with DSM, supplemented by a decade of experience in the small and medium-sized companies, both as an executive and a non-executive, I am now focusing on building a portfolio as an interim executive, non-executive, and advisor. It energizes me to use my experience, knowledge, and skills to assist organizations in achieving their goals or sharpening their objectives.

My modesty and empathy serve as a strong foundation for quickly understanding the goals and dynamics within an organization, enabling me to provide added value swiftly. With my extensive experience in strategy, including its implementation, I can help identify opportunities and threats, and make the right strategic choices that are then put into action.

My primary focus is on B-to-B companies and non-profit organizations. The latter holds a special interest for me, considering my background as the founder of the now 11-year-old Stichting Lotje.

Interim Management

With a broad background in the international corporate world and small to medium-sized businesses, I can quickly grasp the basics of a business and assess its priorities. I have extensive experience in both turnaround processes and managing growth strategies. I take a hands-on approach with a strong emphasis on achieving tangible results. I prefer to do this as a team player.


With a track record of nearly ten years as a board member and also as a member of an Advisory Board, I understand the role I play in ensuring a healthy business operation. My original financial background also helps me in this. My focus is on strategy implementation and organizational development, where I strive for a healthy balance between advising and supervision.


Having gone through numerous strategic processes, I can quickly assist in identifying opportunities and challenges and come up with strategic solutions. This can potentially be done by utilizing a tool I have developed myself. I also consider the focus on a feasible implementation plan equally important. The advisory role can be tailored to your preferences.