I’m eager to assist organizations, both profit and non-profit, by providing strategic thinking. This can encompass a focus on strategy alone or extend to the implementation of the chosen strategy. Often, fresh perspectives reveal different insights, and I’m not afraid to ask the “tough” questions. Over the years, both in my professional and personal life, I’ve noticed that people often seek my input in situations that require a solution.

Furthermore, I can guide an organization in reevaluating its strategy (or a portion thereof) using a tool I have developed, the Business Strategy Review. In this process, ample attention is also given to creating a viable implementation plan. I’m also available to oversee the implementation process if needed.

Additionally, I’m inclined to function as an informal advisor, offering my insights to the CEO/Managing Director, or a Management Team where I can provide an outsider’s perspective and challenge the status quo.

Of course, this is all on a more flexible basis.